British Retail Consortium

We hold a AA grade for BRC Global Standard for Food Safety version 7.

HACCP + Product Specifications

Our HACCP, product and packaging specifications all all available upon request. Email and we’ll be glad to help.

Clean Label
Our products are all clean label. They contain nothing added or artificial. Our Quick Slow Smoke contains smoke and water. Our Smoked Sea Salt contains Smoke and Sea Salt. You get the idea.
Ethical Trading Company
We are big fans of supporting our nearby businesses and companies so our ‘local business preferred’ policy means we will pay up to a 10% premium to use a local supplier. Being part of this bustling community, we are also involved in numerous community initiatives and do our bit helping run them – from farmers markets to food clusters and community groups. We have been a family business for 21 years.
Our Quick Slow Smoke and Pure Sea Salt Smoked Over Oak are both certified kosher.
Capacity for Orders

Our company is a good size. Small enough to handle bespoke orders, but professional enough to have all the accreditations so important in the food industry.

If you have specific requirements for a new and exciting project or product then we’d be delighted to discuss them with you. We don’t smoke allergens but beyond that we’ll try most things once!